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Boost Your Child Cognitive Function With Games

Many parents accuse that video games as the source of laziness and naughtiness of a child. And If you also have the same assumption then you need to read this post carefully.

Not all games are bad and can give a negative effect to your baby. Trust`s true!!!

Recent research run by Andrew Latham and his colleagues have found that playing video games can encourage cognition (the process of acquiring knowledge) and faster response to your child.

Or in other words, this finding shows a small part on how you can develop a smart child.

The cognitive function is related to the coordination of hands and eye movements, spatial visualization, visual anticipation, reaction time, and task switching. This benefit is reportedly can be obtained from modern games than the “old school” game in the 1980s or 1990s.

Latham and his colleagues that playing video games can be beneficial and can be used in educational and clinical settings to improve cognitive function in children.

Are you dare to give it a try???

Source: Science20

Talk To Your Baby Though They Still In Your Womb

If you really want to know when is the right time to teach your beloved baby some vocabulary and language??? Then the answer is since they are still in your womb!!!

Scientists from the University of Helsinki in Finland found that babies in the womb are not only react when they hear certain sounds in the womb, but they also will show the same reaction after the birth.

Several previous studies indicate that humans are starting to hear a voice from outside the womb of the mother since week 27. However, researchers are still difficult to find out whether the fetus is able to distinguish sounds and recognize it in the future.

For that, the scientist played a audiotape to several fetus. Then after they were born, the researchers play the same audiotape.

And by measuring the baby brain activity, the scientists can conclude that the tested babies were quite familiar with the audiotape.

This discovery proves that babies are able to learn vocabulary and language, though though they are still in your womb.

Source: softpedia

Soda Drinks Create The Son Of Satan

Having a smart kid will make you very proud but remember your child's future success not only depends on their intelligence but also their mental maturity.

And as you already know the intake of food and beverages will play an important role for your child development.

Recent research from Columbia University, Harvard University, and University of Vermont has shown that children who drink soda tend to be more aggressive, often denied and always seek more attention.

The researchers found that nearly 43% of kids that drink soda at least one glass per day. Meanwhile, 4% drinking 4 cups or more.

According to the researchers, children who drink four cups of soda or more each day has two times higher possibility to commit violent behavior like fighting, attacking others, or destroying things than those who drink less.

So if you want to raise a smart polite elegant kids just make sure they don`t drink soda too much.

Source: Journal Of Pediatrics

Prepared Fresh Simply Delicious

A healthy and delicious foods are not only good for our bodies but also our mind and souls. Often we become more excited, happier, and of course healthier because of the food.

Unfortunately, healthy and delicious food will require special cooking skills to make it. Can you do it with your own hands???

I can`t, that's why sometimes I spend my time with family and friends to eat at a deli or restaurant.

Wait, sorry I was actually not really eat at the deli but at My Friend's Place. Why???

Even though this place is a real deli, but the atmosphere is very friendly. I always felt comfortable with the friendly atmosphere at this deli.

In addition to the comfortable and friendly atmosphere, the available menu is delicious and made from fresh quality ingredients.

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Baby Faces In The Womb Now Can Be Printed In 3D

To find out whether your baby who still in your womb is a boy or girl may sounds very ordinary. But how you can tell if your baby is handsome or beautiful???

Now you can find out whether your baby is handsome or beautiful by taking a photo of your unborn baby faces and print it in 3D format.

Get a 3D print of your unborn baby
Now after you found out whether your baby is a cute boy or girl, I think it is time for you to find the right baby names.

Hard to get it??? Try to use The Baby Name Wizard (U.S $12.88).

Source: CNN

10 Stuffs That Soothe Baby When Traveling

Soothing a fussy baby while traveling sometimes is not easy to do. And today is not a strange sight if your baby is so attached to the iPad, anywhere - anytime.

But is it true that iPad could soothe your baby while traveling??? I don`t think so!!!

A recent surveys has confirmed that babies are happier carrying a dollTeddy Bear” than iPad. You may also read The Benefits Of Dolls Plays In Children.

The survey was conducted on 500 mothers who are shopping on Based on the poll results, it is known that 82% of them are carrying iPad or other device. But 96% chose to carry dolls or their favorite blanket while traveling.

Here are ten stuffs that can soothe the children in the car while traveling:
- Teddy Bear's (96 percent)
- Gadgets, such as iPad (82 percent)
- CD or iPod (74 percent)
- Food and beverage (71 percent)
- Wipes (66 per cent)
- Toys (52 percent)
- Books (43 percent)
- Pillows and blankets (26 percent)
- Coloring books and crayons (15 percent)
- Board games such as Monopoly, etc. (1 percent)

So what`s your baby favorite stuff which always able to soothe them???

Source: digitalspy