Talk To Your Baby Though They Still In Your Womb

If you really want to know when is the right time to teach your beloved baby some vocabulary and language??? Then the answer is since they are still in your womb!!!

Scientists from the University of Helsinki in Finland found that babies in the womb are not only react when they hear certain sounds in the womb, but they also will show the same reaction after the birth.

Several previous studies indicate that humans are starting to hear a voice from outside the womb of the mother since week 27. However, researchers are still difficult to find out whether the fetus is able to distinguish sounds and recognize it in the future.

For that, the scientist played a audiotape to several fetus. Then after they were born, the researchers play the same audiotape.

And by measuring the baby brain activity, the scientists can conclude that the tested babies were quite familiar with the audiotape.

This discovery proves that babies are able to learn vocabulary and language, though though they are still in your womb.

Source: softpedia

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