Boost Your Child Cognitive Function With Games

Many parents accuse that video games as the source of laziness and naughtiness of a child. And If you also have the same assumption then you need to read this post carefully.

Not all games are bad and can give a negative effect to your baby. Trust`s true!!!

Recent research run by Andrew Latham and his colleagues have found that playing video games can encourage cognition (the process of acquiring knowledge) and faster response to your child.

Or in other words, this finding shows a small part on how you can develop a smart child.

The cognitive function is related to the coordination of hands and eye movements, spatial visualization, visual anticipation, reaction time, and task switching. This benefit is reportedly can be obtained from modern games than the “old school” game in the 1980s or 1990s.

Latham and his colleagues that playing video games can be beneficial and can be used in educational and clinical settings to improve cognitive function in children.

Are you dare to give it a try???

Source: Science20

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