Soda Drinks Create The Son Of Satan

Having a smart kid will make you very proud but remember your child's future success not only depends on their intelligence but also their mental maturity.

And as you already know the intake of food and beverages will play an important role for your child development.

Recent research from Columbia University, Harvard University, and University of Vermont has shown that children who drink soda tend to be more aggressive, often denied and always seek more attention.

The researchers found that nearly 43% of kids that drink soda at least one glass per day. Meanwhile, 4% drinking 4 cups or more.

According to the researchers, children who drink four cups of soda or more each day has two times higher possibility to commit violent behavior like fighting, attacking others, or destroying things than those who drink less.

So if you want to raise a smart polite elegant kids just make sure they don`t drink soda too much.

Source: Journal Of Pediatrics

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