Prepared Fresh Simply Delicious

A healthy and delicious foods are not only good for our bodies but also our mind and souls. Often we become more excited, happier, and of course healthier because of the food.

Unfortunately, healthy and delicious food will require special cooking skills to make it. Can you do it with your own hands???

I can`t, that's why sometimes I spend my time with family and friends to eat at a deli or restaurant.

Wait, sorry I was actually not really eat at the deli but at My Friend's Place. Why???

Even though this place is a real deli, but the atmosphere is very friendly. I always felt comfortable with the friendly atmosphere at this deli.

In addition to the comfortable and friendly atmosphere, the available menu is delicious and made from fresh quality ingredients.

You must try their fresh tasty chicken salad sandwiches and specialty sandwiches starting from The Cubano Mexicano, The Santa Fe and the Albuquerque Turkey Prepared Fresh Simply Delicious!!!

Can not leave your office or home??? Relax, My Friend's Place also provides catering services. So you can still enjoy delicious healthy food wherever you are.

This friendly deli was established since 1980 and now available throughout Atlanta. Visit, My Friend's Place to check the nearest location.

Note: This post is a sponsored post

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