IVF Can Cause A Risk In Children Mental Retardation

I know that every parents want to have or will give their best effort to have a smart kids.

So if you plan on going through "In Vitro Fertilization" (IVF) program to get your own baby, I think it is good and wise to consider it once again. Why???

Recent research has shown that In Vitro Fertilization does not cause autism in infants, but allows a risk of mental retardation. Although the possibility is relatively small, but statistically it's pretty relevant.

Researchers in Sweden has examined the medical records belongs to 2.5 million babies born by using IVF techniques in 1982 to 2007.

The result, found that 1.2 percent of baby born from IVF techniques have the risk of mental retardation. Allegedly, the IVF procedure in male infertility is the major cause in the risk of mental retardation.

However, the researchers still says that the couples plan to use In Vitro Fertilization techniques not to worry too much about the risk of mental retardation on their baby.

Source: newswise via softpedia

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