How To Make Children Smarter? Let Them Watch TV

Every parents in this world will surely give their best efforts to help their children to become smarter. And I'm sure that you will do the same, right???

But unfortunately, many parents assume to help their children to be smarter will spend substantial funds such as sending their children to private schools, buy books, educational toys, and many other methods.

Even parents tend to forbid their children to watch TV too long because they assume these activities can make their children to become stupid. If you have the same opinion, then you should change it now!!!

A recent study in the UK has shown that children who watch television too long will experience significant brain development. This such brain developments will not be found in the children who are prohibited to watch television too long.

A team of scientists from the University of London, England, has found that children who watch TV for more than three hours a day will have a more advanced progression than children who only watch television for an hour each day.

However, the scientists also say that parents still play an important role in regulating what kind of TV shows that can be watch by their children.

Source: dailymail

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