Baby Einstein Bendy Ball - Educational Toys

Baby Einstein Bendy BallWhen your baby is in active condition, playing is a fun activity for them. Holding and throwing can become a fun moment for them. And that's why “Baby Einstein Bendy Ball” can be the right toys for your beloved baby.

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball is made of soft and flexible material that are designed specifically for your baby hand. Your baby will be able to bend and squeeze it easily. And with its colorful and cute design, your baby will have a fun time playing it.

Baby Einstein Bendy BallThese toys are classified into educational toys because of its ability to stimulate your baby visual, social, auditory, and the motor development. So it`s a must have baby toys.

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Features:
• Soft, flexible plastic make this ball easy for little fingers to bend and squeeze
• Recognizable Baby Einstein caterpillar character on center band
• Colorful rattle ball inside for additional sounds and visual stimulation
• Attractive, fun toy to play with
• Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 4 inches

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball is sold at very friendly prices of US $ 6.90 on Amazon.

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