Motorola MBP36 Wireless Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36 Wireless Baby MonitorMonitoring and taking care of your beloved baby is a fun task. But a baby can fall asleep and wake up without a clear timetable.

This situation will make you can not leave your baby room too far or in other words, you will have a small chance to do other things that you must do.

To overcome the above problem, there is no other way except using a baby monitor that allows you to run your other activities freely. And to provide optimal surveillance, Motorola MBP36 will provide a great help.

Motorola MBP36 Wireless Baby MonitorMotorola MBP36 is a remote wireless video baby monitor which is equipped with infrared night vision and zoom, 3.5 Inch.

Motorola MBP36 Wireless Baby MonitorWith this baby monitor you can keep your eye on your baby from up to 200 m of distance. While the full-color 3.5 "LCD display shows real-time video and sound in your baby's room to let you always be informed of what's going on visually as well as audibly.

Motorola MBP36 Wireless Baby MonitorAnd with its infrared night vision feature you can monitor your sleeping baby without having to turn on the lights which will disturb your sleeping baby.

Not only can be used to monitor your baby, but Motorola MBP36 also will help to lull your baby to sleep with one of five polyphonic lullabies.

Motorola MBP36 Wireless Baby MonitorAdditionally, Motorola MBP36 is also equipped with a room temperature sensor which will inform you that the temperature in your baby's room is not too hot or too cold.

• 2.4 ghz fhss wireless technology
• 3.5" color lcd screen and up to 25 fps
• Infrared night vision and room temperature monitor and and remote Pan, tilt, and zoom
• Five polyphonic lullabies, remote camera adjustment, additional camera capability and five LED alerts for noise level
• 200 meter range with "out-of-range" warning
• Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 8 inches

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Baby Monitor (Infrared Night Vision & Zoom)

Price Seller
3.5 Inch$239Amazon
2.8 Inch$179Amazon

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